2.11.9 User Guide

Retired Documentation

You are using the documentation for version 2.11.9. Go here for the latest version or check here for your available upgrades to the latest version.

General Configuration

Control Panel Location: Admin ‣ General Configuration

This section of the Control Panel allows you to define the basic settings of your site. If you are using the Multiple Site Manager, note that these settings are per-site.

Is system on?

This indicates whether or not your site is “live” and displayed to the public. If you set this preference to “No” only members of the Super Admin group will be able to see the site. All other users will be shown the System Offline page, which you can edit at Design ‣ Message Pages ‣ System Offline Template.

Name of your site

This is the name of your website. It may contain spaces and punctuation. This name is available in your Templates by using the {site_name} Global Variable.


If you are using the Multiple Site Manager this setting will be found in the Managing Sites section.

Name of your site’s index page

This is the filename of your site’s “index” page. By default, this will be index.php, which is located in the base folder. You will only need to alter this setting if you have changed the filename.

URL to the root directory of your site

The full URL to the folder containing your site’s index page. For example, if your index file is located at:

Then the correct setting would be:

URL to your Control Panel index page

The full URL to your ExpressionEngine Control Panel. In most cases, this will be similar to:

URL to your “themes” folder

The full URL to your “themes” folder. In most cases, this will be similar to:

Theme Folder Path

The server path to the “themes” folder. A server path often looks similar to:


Server paths will vary from server to server, so you should contact your Host or server admin if you are unsure of what your setting should be.

Default Control Panel Theme

The theme that members will see when logged in to the Control Panel. They are able to override this setting in My Account.

Default Language

The language pack that members will see when logged in to the Control Panel. This only affects the Control Panel. Members are able to override this setting in My Account.

Default XML Language

This setting is typically used when outputting RSS feeds. Your feed will identify itself as having the language specified here.

Caching Driver

The caching driver ExpressionEngine is set to use.

Maximum Number of Cachable URIs

If you cache your templates (pages), this preference limits the total number of cache files in order to prevent them from taking up too much disk space. 150 is a good number for a small site. If you have a large site and disk space is not an issue you can set it higher (over 300). There is an internal limit of 1000 regardless of your preference.

New Version Auto Check

Enabling this feature will cause a message to be displayed in the Control Panel when a new version of ExpressionEngine is available. It will not automatically download and install a new version.

URL to Documentation Directory

The full URL to location of the ExpressionEngine User Guide. This URL is used to create the User Guide link at the top of your Control Panel.