2.11.9 User Guide

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Wiki Special Upload Form Template

This template displays the wiki’s upload form as outlined below:

Displays the wiki's upload form.

In addition to the variables in the Wiki Page template, the Special Upload Form template has:

Single Variables



This displays the allowed file types that can be uploaded. The value is determined by the settings of the File Upload Directory that the wiki is using, which is set from the Wiki’s Control Panel.

Conditional Variables

if file_types

{if file_types == 'images'}

This checks to see if the Upload Directory specified in the Wiki’s Control Panel allows only images to be uploaded. This is used in combination with the {file_types} variable to display what kind of files can be uploaded. Please see the default theme file for an example (search for {if file_types == ‘images’}).

Form Variables



This creates the opening <form> tag and hidden fields needed for the upload form.