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Wiki Special Files Template

This template displays all the wiki’s upload files as outlined below:

Displays all the wiki's upload files.

In addition to the variables in the Wiki Page template, the Special Files template has:


The Wiki Special Files template has the {wiki:files} tag available which is used to display a list of all the files that have been uploaded to the wiki. This tag has Parameters and Variables available to it.

{wiki:files} | Parameters


{wiki:files limit="#"}

This determines the number of files to display on a page. For example, this: {wiki:files limit="10"}

Would limit the number of files displayed to 10.


{wiki:files paginate=""}

The Wiki module uses the same pagination syntax as all first-party modules. Please look at the Pagination documentation for more information.


{wiki:files orderby="file_name"}

This determines the field that is used to order the files. “file_name” is the default behavior.

{wiki:files orderby="file_size"}

Would list the files in order of file size.


{wiki:files sort="asc"}

The sort order can be ascending or descending. The default is “asc”, ascending.

{wiki:files orderby="upload_date" sort="desc"}

Would list the files in order of the date uploaded, from most recent to oldest.

{wiki:files} Variables

Single Variables


Running “count” of the displayed file, taking pagination into consideration.


Displays the Screen Name of the person who uploaded the file.


“count” of the file currently being displayed


This displays the email address of the person who uploaded the file.


Displays the file’s File name.


Displays the file’s MIME Type.


Displays the path to the member profile of the person who uploaded the file.


Displays the URL to view a file’s page. This is not the raw path to the file.


Displays the file’s summary.


This variable permits you to rotate through any number of values as the files are displayed. The first file will use “option_one”, the second will use “option_two”, the third “option_three”, the fourth “option_one”, and so on.

Multiple instances of the {switch=} tag may be used and the system will intelligently keep track of each one.

upload date
{upload_date format=""}

Displays the date the file was uploaded.

The format parameter is used to determine the date’s formatting using ExpressionEngine’s Date Variable Formatting.


This displays the author’s URL.

Conditional Variables

if is_image
{if is_image}

Checks to see if the uploaded file is an image. If yes, then do something.