2.11.9 User Guide

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Wiki Special Associated Pages Template

This template displays a list of pages that link to the current article as outlined below:

Wiki Associated Pages

In addition to the variables in the Wiki Page template, the Special Associated Pages template has:

Variable Pairs

Conditional Variables

if no_results

{if no_results}

Test if there are any results. This is typically used display alternate content if there are no associated pages.

Single Variables



Displays the page title of the originating article.



“count” of the article currently being displayed



Displays a URL to View Article.



Displays a URL to View the original article.



This variable permits you to rotate through any number of values as the articles are displayed. The first article will use “option_one”, the second will use “option_two”, the third “option_three”, the fourth “option_one”, and so on.

Multiple instances of the {switch=} tag may be used and the system will intelligently keep track of each one.



Displays the title of an article.