2.11.9 User Guide

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Wiki File Template

This template displays the information about a single file that has been uploaded to the wiki as outlined below:

Displays the information on a single uploaded file.

In addition to the variables in the Wiki Page template, the Special Single File template has:

Single Variables



Displays the file’s File name.



Displays the file’s MIME Type.



Displays the file’s summary.



Displays the URL to view a file’s page. This is not the raw path to the file.

upload date

{upload_date format=""}

Displays the date the file was uploaded.

The format parameter is used to determine the date’s formatting using ExpressionEngine’s Date Variable Formatting.



Displays the Screen Name of the person who uploaded the file.



This displays the email address of the person who uploaded the file.



This displays the author’s URL.



Displays the path to the member profile of the person who uploaded the file.

Conditional Variables

if is_image

{if is_image}

Checks to see if the uploaded file is an image. If yes, then do something.