2.11.9 User Guide

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Pages Module Control Panel

Control Panel Location: Add-Ons ‣ Modules ‣ Pages

The Pages Module Control Panel allows you to create, edit, view and delete your Pages.

Create New Page

This button will take you to the Publish area of the Control Panel. If you have specified a default Channel in the Module Configuration (see below), that Channel will be used, otherwise you will be presented with a choice of which Channel to publish to.

Module Configuration

This button allows you to configure the default behavior of the module.

Display of URIs on Module Homepage

Whether or not to use a hierarchical nested display of your Pages in the Pages Control Panel.

Default Channel for ‘Create New Page’ Tab

The default Channel to use when the “Create New Page” button is clicked.

Default Template: Channel Name

The default Template that will be pre-selected in the Pages tab when creating a new “page” entry.