2.11.9 User Guide

Retired Documentation

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Associating Channel Entries with Forum Topics

Publish Page and the “Forum Tab”

When creating a new channel entry there is a Forum Tab. Entering data in the Forum Topic Title and Forum Topic Text in that tab will cause the new forum topic to be created upon publish, and associated with that channel entry.

Alternatively, if there is an existing forum topic to link to this entry, then you may enter that forum topic’s ID into the Forum Topic ID input.

A new forum topic may only be created when creating a new channel entry. When editing an existing channel entry, only the Forum Topic ID will be present to associate an existing forum post with this existing channel entry.


When a new entry is created and there is content in the Forum tab, the Forum information will be posted immediately regardless of the entry date, status, or other entry parameters.

Forum Topic Variable Pairs

To link the Forum Topic to the Channel Entry on the front-end use the Conditional Tags of the Channel Entries Tag, including {if forum_topic} and {if not_forum_topic}.