Retired Documentation:  You are using the documentation for version 1.7.3 which was retired in 2013. Go here for the latest version documentation or check here for your available upgrades to the latest version.

Photo Gallery View Entries

Once you have selected a Photo Gallery to access (Modules > Photo Gallery) you may choose the View Entries menu option to access your existing gallery entries.

Note that you must have correctly set up your gallery (see Preferences) and created Categories before you may view any entries.

Main Screen

The View Entries screen allows you to view the entries from any of your gallery categories.


The ID number associated with the gallery category.


This column lists the category names. Clicking on the category name will access the entries within that category.


The number of entries or files that exist within the category.

Category Listing

Once you select a category from the first screen you will be shown the entries contained within that category. Click on either the image or the entry title to access the entry details for editing.


The first column shows a thumbnail version of the image associated with the entry. You may click on the image to edit the entry.

Entry Title

The entry title. You may click on the title to edit the entry.


The number of comments associated with this entry. Clicking the View link will allow you to manage those comments.


The filename of the image associated with the entry.


You may click the Delete link to delete the entry from the gallery.

Entry Details

Clicking on an entry name in the Category Listing will display the entry details and allow you to edit the information. This screen is almost identical to the New Entry page.

File Name

The first input field lists the filename of the image associated with the entry. You may also change the image by selecting a different one from the drop-down list.

Entry Title

The title for your gallery entry. This field is required.


You may enter a description or caption to accompany the image.

Entry Date

Here you may change the date for the entry.


The category in which to file this gallery entry. You must select a category.


You may specify whether the gallery entry is "Open" or "Closed". Closed entries will not appear on your site but will still remain in the database.

Allow Comments

You may select on a per-entry basis whether you wish to allow commenting on the entry.


The image associated with the entry is also displayed.

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