Retired Documentation:  You are using the documentation for version 1.7.3 which was retired in 2013. Go here for the latest version documentation or check here for your available upgrades to the latest version.

Photo Gallery Categories

Once you have selected a photo gallery to access (Modules > Photo Gallery) you may choose the Categories menu option to set up the categories for the gallery. This section is where categories are created, deleted, and preferences are set.

Main Screen

This screen allows you to add new categories to the gallery or to edit existing categories. The screen lists the existing categories along with their category id number. It also displays the hierarchical relationship between the categories.


The ID associated with the category.


You can use these arrows to arrange your categories in the order you want. Move a category up or down in the list by clicking on the appropriate arrow.


The name of the category. The hierarchical relationship is also displayed by the indenting and dotted lines.


The number of entries or files that exist within the category.


Follow this link to edit the category.


Follow this link to delete the category

Master Sort Order

This preference has two setting options:

  1. Alphabetical: The entries will be sorted alphabetically based on the hierarchy. All the first-level categories will be listed alphabetically and then subcategories within those will each be listed alphabetically.
  2. Custom: You may specify a custom order simply by arranging the categories in the desired order using the arrows next to each category.

Create a New Category / Edit Category

You may edit an existing category by following Edit link on the Main screen. New categories can be added by following the Add a New Category link above the main screen table.

Category Name

The name of the new category. The name may include spaces.

Category Description

An optional text description of your category.

Category Folder

This is another optional preference. If you wish to sort the actual uploaded files by category, you may specify a folder/directory name here. ExpressionEngine will automatically create this directory within your existing gallery directory and files associated with this category will be placed in that directory.

Category Parent

This drop-down list allows you to create a hierarchical relationship between categories. The list dynamically contains all existing categories for this category group. Selecting a parent category means that the new category will be a "child" of the parent in the hierarchy. The "None" option is available and will make the new category a "top level" category with no parent.

Default category when submitting new entries

This checkbox will allow you to indicate that this category should be set as the default category when creating new entries for this gallery. If another category previously had this checkbox selected, then selecting it for this category will override and reset the previous selection.

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