ExpressionEngine® 3 User Guide

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In a system that runs add-on code from potentially many different developers it can be difficult to prevent naming collisions. Namespaces work well when dealing with native objects, but the ability to alias long namespace names gets lost when using strings to identify files and class names.

To consistently solve this problem, ExpressionEngine assigns a prefix to all independent code sources. For any native code this prefix is ee:. All addons are assigned a prefix that matches the addon folder name. This also matches the name used in the templating engine.

The following services currently support the prefix naming conventions:

Config Service

All config operations support prefixes on item and file names:


Dependency Container

The dependency container can use prefixes to create addon services:


Model Service

The model service supports prefixes wherever a model shortname is allowed:


View Service

Views support prefixes wherever a view name is allowed: