2.11.9 User Guide

Retired Documentation

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Update Notes for Version 2.8

Channel Form’s preserve_checkboxes= Parameter Deprecated

The preserve_checkboxes= parameter for Channel Form was a setting that allowed the values of checkbox fields that were not included in a Channel Form form to be preserved upon save because the nature of how web browsers handle POST data for checkboxes would wipe out their data. This setting was set to not preserve checkboxes by default which would lead to data coming up missing in these checkbox fields, so the parameter has been removed and now all checkbox data is preserved by default.

Pagination Changes

All Pagination within ExpressionEngine is now consistent which means that some templates will need to be updated:

  • Uses of {if paginate} have been deprecated, use {paginate}...{/paginate} instead
  • Use of {include:pagination_link} has been deprecated, use {pagination_links} instead

Change in Behavior for Accessing Non-Existent Paginated Pages

For example, if one tried to access page 50 but there were only 10 pages, the previous behavior was the user was redirected to the first page. Now that situation will trigger the {if no_results} conditional in your template.

New Variable Available in Forgotten Password Instructions

The {username} variable can now be used in the Forgotten Password Instructions email template, and installations that have this particular template unmodified from the default are updated automatically by the update wizard. If you have customized the this email template, you may want to reference the new default for a suggestion on how to incorporate the new variable into your template:


To reset your password, please go to the following page:


Then log in with your username: {username}

If you do not wish to reset your password, ignore this message. It will expire in 24 hours.