2.11.9 User Guide

Retired Documentation

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Message Pages

Control Panel Location: Design ‣ Message Pages

Message Pages are intended for specific purposes. There are three main types of Specialty Templates:

Email Notification Templates

These Message Pages are for the various “notification” emails that are sent by the system. For example, when someone registers at your site, account activation instructions are emailed to them. The formatting of the email is controlled in one of the Message Pages. The following templates are available:

  • Admin Notification of Comments
  • Admin Notification of Forum Posts
  • Admin Notification of Mailing List Subscription
  • Admin Notification of New Entries
  • Admin Notification of New Member Registration
  • Forgotten Password Instructions
  • Mailing List Activation Instructions
  • Member Account Activation Instructions
  • Member Account Decline Notification
  • Member Account Validation Notification
  • Moderator Notification of Forum Post Report
  • Password Reset Notification
  • Private Message Notification
  • Private Message InBox Full Notification
  • User Comment Notification
  • User Notification of Forum Posts
  • User Notification of Forum Thread Moderation

In order to localize these messages for different languages, make certain to uncheck the ‘Enable This Template?’ option and then edit each language folder’s email_data.php file.

User Message Template

Users often receive messages after performing actions in ExpressionEngine: logging in, submitting a form, etc. In addition, they may sometimes be shown error messages. This Message Page is designed to allow you to determine how the page looks that displays these messages.

View default code for the User Message Template

System Offline Template

In the General Configuration section of the Control Panel you can specify whether or not your site is “Live”. If the site is not live then people will be presented with a message when they try to access your page. This can be useful if you are performing maintenance or other such things. This Message Page allows you to define the page that will be shown to people when your site is not “Live”.

View default code for the System Offline Template