2.11.9 User Guide

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Mailing List Module Control Panel

Control Panel Location: Add-Ons ‣ Modules ‣ Mailing List

Mailing List Overview

The overview shows a list of all your mailing lists, along with links to view and manage the emails within each list.

Mailing List Overview

View List

The View List page enables you to view and delete the email addresses associated with a particular list.

Edit List

The Edit List page enables you to edit the name of your mailing list.

Edit Template

Each mailing list has a template that lets you customize the look and layout of the list. This is particularly useful if you send email in HTML format, since it allows you to create a default HTML “container” for your list.

There are three variables that can be used in the template:

{message_text}, {mailing_list}, and {unsubscribe_url}

In addition, there are two conditional variables:

{if html_email}{/if}

{if plain_email}{/if}

These conditionals can be used to show different versions of the unsubscribe link:

To remove your email from the "{mailing_list}" mailing list, click here:

{if html_email}<a href="{unsubscribe_url}">{unsubscribe_url}</a>{/if}{if plain_email}{unsubscribe_url}{/if}

Mailing List Preferences

The Mailing List Preferences link at the bottom of the table lets you set global mailing list preferences.

Mailing List Batch Subscribe/Unsubscribe

This form allows you to conveniently subscribe or unsubscribe multiple email addresses simultaneously. Submit the individual email addresses separated by spaces, new lines, or commas.

Mailing List Batch