2.11.9 User Guide

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Forum Update Notes for Version 2.1

The Discussion Forum Module Version 2.1 requires ExpressionEngine Version 1.6 (or greater)

Version 2.1 has a few theme modifications.

If you have not customized your existing forum templates:

Simply replace your entire forum theme folder with the new set:


The update process is now complete. You can disregard the rest of the information in this page.

If you have customized your existing templates:

If you have customized the look of your forum you will need to manually add the new template features described below.

Incorporating New Features

The information below assumes you are running customized templates. If you are using the default theme there is no need to use the information below.

Global Theme Changes

  • /themes/forum_themes/blue/theme_global.php
  • /themes/forum_themes/default/theme_global.php
  • /themes/forum_themes/developer/theme_global.php
  • /themes/forum_themes/grey/theme_global.php
  • /themes/forum_themes/shares/theme_global.php

<html> Tags

Due to changes in the W3’s validator, change the <html> tags from:



<html xmlns="" xml:lang="{lang}" lang="{lang}">

Member Profile Theme Changes

  • /themes/forum_themes/blue/theme_member.php
  • /themes/forum_themes/default/theme_member.php
  • /themes/forum_themes/developer/theme_member.php
  • /themes/forum_themes/grey/theme_member.php
  • /themes/forum_themes/shares/theme_member.php

Bulletin Board Template

Add a closing </div> to the {if no_bulletins} conditional:

{if no_bulletins} <div class="tableCellOne"> <span class="defaultBold">{lang:message_no_bulletins}</span> </div> {/if}

Success & Error Templates

Remove extraneous </h2> from “Success” and “Error” themes. Change:

<div class='profileHeadingBG'><div class="tableHeading">{lang:heading}</h2></div></div>


<div class='profileHeadingBG'><div class="tableHeading">{lang:heading}</div></div>

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