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Quick Start Tutorial - Step 6
Publishing Content to Your Weblog

The Goal:  Learn how to publish an entry to a specific Weblog.

Publishing Content to Your Weblog

Publishing to your new Weblog is easy. First, click on the Publish tab in your Control Panel. A dropdown list of your Weblogs will appear automatically (you can change this behavior). Select your newly created Getting Started Tutorial Weblog as shown below.

Select the Getting Started Tutorial weblog from the Publish tab dropdown.

This brings you to the Publish screen, shown below. The Publish screen allows you to do just that: Publish. Let's publish an entry.

The ExpressionEngine Publish screen.

Add the following information to the fields of the Publish screen.

Your Publish screen should look similiar to the screen shot below. Now click "Submit" to publish this information to the EE database.

This is what your Publish screen looks like with information in it.

Clicking Submit brings you to the View Entry screen, as shown below. The View Entry screen shows you all the information you just published. You can also go back and Edit the entry from the View Entry screen.

The View Entry screen

One entry is good, but you'll need a few more to complete the tutorial. Using the steps above, publish three additional entries to the Getting Started Tutorial Weblog. For the entry titles just change the word "first" to "second" and so on. After you've published three more entries, you'll be ready for the next step.

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