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Quick Start Tutorial - Step 4
Create A Secondary Template

The Goal:  To create a secondary template which will eventually contain the full text of your entries.

Create Another Template

The "index" Template that was created by default will be where you display the "summaries" of your webog entries. Now you need to create one more Template in the "tutorials" Template Group to display the "full" version of all the weblog entries you publish.

To create a new Template in a Template Group, just open the Template Group by clicking on its name. In the left column click "New Template", highlighted in the screen shot below.

Click New Template to create a new Template in the Template Group.

You should see the New Template Form, shown below.

New Template Form

Name the new Template "article," leave all the other settings as default, and click submit.

Name the Template article and click submit.

After clicking submit, you'll automatically return to the Templates section of the Control Panel. The "tutorials" Template Group will be open and you'll see the new "article" Template in the list similar to the screen shot below.

The new article Template is now in the list.

Now click on "article" to edit the template. Copy and paste the code below into the article Template and update it.

<title>My Article</title>

<h1>The title of my post</h1>

<div class="entry">

<p>The full version of my article (my post) will go here.</p>



When you view the article Template it should like similar to this.

Your article Template should look like this.

Now that you've got your Templates ready, you can create some content for your web site. To do this, you'll create a new "weblog."

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