Retired Documentation:  You are using the documentation for version 1.7.3 which was retired in 2013. Go here for the latest version documentation or check here for your available upgrades to the latest version.

Installing the Wiki Module

The Wiki Module is simple to install.

The Wiki Module requires ExpressionEngine and does not function with versions of ExpressionEngine older than 1.4.2.

These instructions are only for first-time installations. Do not follow the instructions below if you need to update your wiki installation. Instead, follow the Wiki Update instructions.

Step 1

Download the latest version of ExpressionEngine and follow the Update instructions.

Step 2

Inside the unzipped software, you will find a themes/wiki_themes directory. Upload this directory and everything inside it to your server and place it in the themes directory. You should end up with it located at themes/wiki_themes/.

Step 3

Go into the Modules section of your ExpressionEngine Control Panel. At the bottom of your list of modules should be the Wiki Module. Click install.

Step 4

Click on Wiki to create a wiki and configure the preferences in the Wiki Module Control Panel.

Step 5

Go into the Templates section of your ExpressionEngine Control Panel. Create a Template Group specifically for your wiki and in the 'index' template put the following tag:

{exp:wiki base_path="Template_Group/index" wiki="wiki_short_name" theme="default"}

For example, lets say you created a Template Group for your wiki called "wiki", your wiki's short name is also named "wiki," and you are using the default theme. If that's the case your tag would look like this:

{exp:wiki base_path="wiki/index" wiki="wiki" theme="default"}

Please see the Wiki Tag documentation for more information.

NOTE: Do NOT use page caching in the template containing the Wiki module tag.


That's it! Point your browser to the 'wiki/index' template to view your wiki.

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