Retired Documentation:  You are using the documentation for version 1.7.3 which was retired in 2013. Go here for the latest version documentation or check here for your available upgrades to ExpressionEngine 4.

Purchasing Additional Sites

Make sure you are logged into the same account used to make the initial purchase Multiple Site Manager purchase.

Step 1

Go to the Multiple Site Manager section of the store. You'll see the option to add Additional Sites to your Multiple Site Manager License. Follow the instructions for purchase.

When you purchase Additional Sites, your Multiple Site Manager files are automatically updated with the appropriate number of Sites.

Step 2

After purchasing, go to My Downloads and download the Multiple Site Manager.

Step 3

After unzipping the package you will find a sites directory with the following files:

Upload core.sites.php to your system/core directory.

Upload cp.sites.php to your system/cp directory.

Upload lang.sites.php to your system/language/english directory.

That's it, the Additional Sites are now installed. You can can now proceed with creating a new site.

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