ExpressionEngine® 3 User Guide

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You are using the documentation for version 3.5.17. Go here for the latest version or check here for your available upgrades to the latest version.

Downloadable Add-ons


The EllisLab downloadable add-ons listed below are open source and freely available on Github

Most EllisLab downloadable add-ons are open sourced under the MIT license. The full license for each add-on is included in the or a LICENSE file as part of the download. You can see a typical example of the license.


Allow EE Code

Allows ExpressionEngine code to be used in entries. This add-on should be used with extreme caution, if at all. Ask yourself if you should really be putting tags inside content. If you are confident the answer is yes, here you go!

Get Allow EE Code

Auto Linker

Automatically creates links from URLs and/or email addresses contained within the given text.

Get Auto Linker


Allows the calling of plugin and module scripts on a regular, scheduled basis. Unlike a true server cron that can be scheduled to the second, it is triggered by hits to the page that includes your cron tag. It should be used on templates that get regular traffic, or that are themselves accessed by a server cron.

Get Cron

Cron Blacklist

For use with the Cron add-on. This add-on downloads the Blacklist and appends it to the site’s current Blacklist.

Get Cron Blacklist

Cron Clean Cache

For use with the Cron add-on. Automatically clean out a directory located in the /user/cache/ directory of your ExpressionEngine site.

Get Cron Clean Cache

Cron Email

For use with the Cron add-on. Allows you to schedule the sending of an email to the email addresses specified in the parameters.

Get Cron Email

CSS Switcher

The CSS Switcher plugin is a simple way to allow skinning on a CSS formatted site.

Get CSS Switcher

Download Content

This plugin takes the content within the tag pair and forces a file download in the web browser with its contents, allowing you to turn template output into downloadable files.

Get Download Content

HTML Attribute Content

HTML Attribute Content takes a string and preps it for use inside HTML tag attributes. You might find this handy when using content inside attributes of certain tags, like <meta> tags used by Twitter Cards<>_.

Get HTML Attribute Content

List Maker

This add-on creates HTML lists from plain text data, and optionally accepts user-defined delimiters.

Get List Maker

No Follow

Looks for hyperlinks in the text and adds rel=”nofollow” attribute to them

Get No Follow

No Formatting

This plugin does absolutely nothing formatting wise. It’s a dummy formatting option.

It is useful when selected as a formatting option for third party add-ons that allow formatting selections and do not include an option for “no formatting”

Get No Formatting

Parse URL

Parses URL in a string and returns only specified parts.

Get Parse URL


This add-on converts <p> tags to <br /> tags.

Get Ptobr

Reading Time

The Reading Time plugin lets you output an estimated reading time for a given bit of content:

You can read this in about 3 minutes.

Get Reading Time

Search Hilite

Using a CSS class, this plugin will highlight the terms searched for whenever someone arrives at a template using various search engines.

Get Search Hilite

Valid URL

Makes sure that a URL has a protocol, that ampersands are converted to entities, and all other characters are properly URL encoded.

Get Valid URL


The ExpressionEngine Wiki Module provides a powerful wiki that integrates seamlessly with ExpressionEngine.

Get Wiki

Wiki ToC

This add-on is used as a formatting option, typically with the ExpressionEngine Wiki. The add-on will format your article with your preferred formatting plugin, and create a table of contents in place of your [TOC] tag, in the form of an HTML unordered list.

Get Wiki ToC

Word Limit

Permits you to limit the number of words in some text.

Get Word Limit

Word Safe

Prevents words from being longer than a certain length

Get Word Safe

World Weather

World Weather is a plugin for ExpressionEngine that allows you to displays weather conditions from around the world on your site. The plugin fetches weather information generated by a nationwide network of weather reporting station that are usually located at airports. These stations generally report weather conditions every three to six hours and the information that is reported (or not reported) can vary from station to station.

Get World Weather


This add-on converts certain characters into typographically correct entities.

Quotes are converted to curly quotes, hyphens into em-dashes, three periods into ellipsis, etc.

There are two ways to use this plugin depending on whether you want line breaks turned into <p> tags.



If you want to contribute to an add-on, just fork the repository, make sure you’re working from the correct branch, work on your changes inside of a feature branch, push your changes to your fork of the repository, and send us a pull request. Then, we’ll take a look at your pull request, make sure everything looks alright, and merge it in.