2.11.9 User Guide

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Can’t open file: exp_online_users.MYI

ExpressionEngine returns the following error: “Can’t open file: exp_online_users.MYI.”


In these cases, MySQL usually returns “Error 145” which means that a “table is marked as crashed and should be repaired.” This is usually caused by a file associated with that particular database becoming corrupted so that the database needs to be repaired.

Repairing the database through ExpressionEngine

If ExpressionEngine’s Control Panel is still accessible, the database can be repaired via the built-in SQL Manager at Tools ‣ Data ‣ SQL Manager ‣ Manage Database Tables. Select the tables to repair, then choose Repair selected tables at the bottom and click Submit.

Repairing the database by other means

If the Control Panel is no longer accessible the database must be repaired by some other means. This can be done by using the MySQL command line tools, or some external application such as phpMyAdmin. If these attempts fails, or the error occurs with some frequency, the database administrator should be notified.