2.11.9 User Guide

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Update Notes for Version 2.9

Changes to Conditionals

We’ve made significant changes to how conditionals are parsed. Below is a list of the changes. We recommend reviewing your conditional statements in order to rewrite any affected by these changes.

  • Variables in conditionals should not be wrapped in braces ({}). Instead of {if {count} == 5} do {if count == 5}.

  • Nested quotes need to either alternate between single (') and double quotes (") or you need to escape your inner quotes (i.e. "\""). For example:

    {if store == "Pascal's BBQ"}


{if store == 'Pascal\'s BBQ'}
  • Variables inside conditionals can no longer start or end with a dash (i.e. -foo or bar-).
  • Numbers are no longer valid variables (i.e. 555).

Changes to Layouts

The contents reserved name is now strictly enforced and will throw an error if {layout="group/template" contents="some value"} or {layout:set name="contents"} are found in the template.

In addition, layout:contents is now available to conditionals.