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Update Notes for Version 2.7.3

Truncated Email Address Fields

We’ve updated all email address fields to be 75 characters long, and for most installs, that shouldn’t be a problem. This is what a 76 character email address might look like:


You can check for overly long email addresses by running the following SQL queries one at a time in the SQL Manager (Tools ‣ Data ‣ SQL Manager):

SELECT email FROM exp_members WHERE LENGTH(email) > 75;
SELECT from_email FROM exp_email_cache WHERE LENGTH(from_email) > 75;
SELECT recipient FROM exp_email_console_cache WHERE LENGTH(recipient) > 75;
SELECT admin_email_address FROM exp_simple_commerce_items WHERE LENGTH(admin_email_address) > 75;
SELECT email FROM exp_mailing_list WHERE LENGTH(email) > 75;
SELECT email FROM exp_mailing_list_queue WHERE LENGTH(email) > 75;
SELECT email FROM exp_comments WHERE LENGTH(email) > 75;
SELECT email FROM exp_comment_subscriptions WHERE LENGTH(email) > 75;

Altered Profile Theme Files

  • HTML <form> tags were replaced with the {form_declaration} tag.

Affected files:

  • themes/profile_themes/agile_records/message_compose.html
  • themes/profile_themes/agile_records/subscriptions_form.html
  • themes/profile_themes/default/edit_preferences.html
  • themes/profile_themes/default/edit_profile_form.html
  • themes/profile_themes/default/email_prefs_form.html
  • themes/profile_themes/default/localization_form.html
  • themes/profile_themes/default/message_compose.html
  • themes/profile_themes/default/notepad_form.html
  • themes/profile_themes/default/subscriptions_form.html
  • themes/profile_themes/default/username_password_form.html

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