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Update Notes for Version 2.5.3

Change to Channel Field Searching Across Multiple Sites

The search parameter in the channel entries tag pair has been updated to search the contents of fields of the same name across the specified sites. For example:

{exp:channel:entries channel="news" site="siteA|siteB" search:news_body="Breaking News"}

Assuming the News channel in both sites has a field called news_body, the above tag will return search results from both sites.

Altered Language File

The following language file was edited:

  • language/english/safecracker_lang.php
    • Added key: form_decryption_failed

Altered View Files

  • views/_shared/refresh_message.php
  • views/account/email_settings.php
  • views/account/forgot_password.php
  • views/account/login.php
  • views/account/username_password.php
  • views/design/manager.php
  • views/members/register.php

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