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Update Notes for Version 2.5.1

Altered Language Files

The following language files were edited:

  • language/english/core_lang.php
  • language/english/filemanager_lang.php
  • language/english/login_lang.php
  • language/english/member_lang.php
  • language/english/metaweblog_api_lang.php
  • language/english/rte_lang.php

Altered View Files

The following view files were edited:

  • views/_shared/file/browser.php
  • views/account/ignore_list.php
  • views/members/delete_confirm.php
  • views/members/ip_search.php
  • views/members/register.php
  • views/sites/edit_form.php
  • views/tools/import_from_xml.php

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