2.11.9 User Guide

Retired Documentation

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Update Notes for Version 1.6.3

index.php Updated

The index.php file has been updated for Version 1.6.3, so you will need to overwrite your existing index.php file with the new file from Version 1.6.3.

Masked Control Panel Access

If you are using Masked Control Panel Access you will need to update your masked access file (admin.php) with the new file from Version 1.6.3

Member Profile Theme Changes

  • /themes/profile_themes/default/profile_theme.php

Success & Error Templates

Remove extraneous </h2> from “Success” and “Error” themes. Change:

<div class='profileHeadingBG'><div class="tableHeading">{lang:heading}</h2></div></div>


<div class='profileHeadingBG'><div class="tableHeading">{lang:heading}</div></div>