2.11.9 User Guide

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Throttling Preferences

Control Panel Location: Admin ‣ Security and Privacy ‣ Throttling Preferences

This section of the Control Panel allows you to manage the Throttling feature. See Throttling Control for more information regarding this feature.

Enable Throttling

Allows you to enable or disable this feature.

Deny Access if No IP Address is Present

Set the system to deny a visitor access if the user’s IP address cannot be determined while throttling is enabled.

Maximum Number of Page Loads

The total number of times a user is allowed to load your web pages (within the time interval below) before being locked out. For example, if you set this preference to 5 page loads within 10 seconds, a user can not browse more than 5 pages within a 10 second interval or the throttling feature will be triggered, locking them out of your site according to the parameters you set below.

Time Interval

The number of seconds during which the above number of page loads are allowed.

Lockout Time

The length of time in seconds that a user will be unable to use your site.

Action to Take

The action that should take place if a user has exceeded the limits. The options are:

  • Send 404 headers: This option will cause standard server 404 Page Not Found headers to be sent.
  • URL Redirect: This option will send the user to a URL of your choice.
  • Show custom message: This option will display a custom message you can specify.

URL for Redirect

If you choose the URL Redirect option above, this preference enables you to set the destination URL.

Custom Message

Set a custom message to show throttled visitors. Throttling must be enabled and Action to Take must be set to Show custom message.