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Getting Help: Technical Support and Resources

Technical Support

ExpressionEngine is known for its excellent customer and technical support (review the Support Policy). We also have one of the best communities on the net which will help out right along with our own support team.

Please read the following sections carefully. They will give you helpful advice on getting the best technical support possible from the Community Forums and introduce you to additional troubleshooting and technical resources.

Before Contacting Technical Support

We recommend doing the following before contacting Technical Support.

  1. Check your HTML and EE code for typos. For example, look to see if there is a missing " or perhaps a tag that was left unclosed or a misspelled variable.

    If your question is an HTML or CSS question, please post your question in the HTML, CSS, and Design Help forum.

  2. Check the User Guide to make sure you are implementing the EE Tag, Global Variable, or other functionality correctly.

  3. Check the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base has answers to the most common errors and issues that people encounter.

  4. Do an Advanced Search on the ExpressionEngine Community Forums. Chances are that someone has asked the same question you are asking.

  5. Is the issue you are experiencing a bug? Check the Bug Tracker.

Where to Get Technical Support

The official place to get Technical Support is the Community Forums. The forums are divided into different areas to better meet your needs. Please review the description for each forum and post in the one most appropriate to your request. If you are not sure, post in the Technical Support Forums.

5 Tips for Posting a Help Request

  1. Explain what you expected to happen. Then explain what actually happened.

  2. Post the error message, if any, that displayed.

  3. Give a URL where the issue can be viewed.

  4. Post example code. Make sure to use the code tag (click "code" on the button bar).

  5. Example:
    [code]Your codes goes here[/code]

  6. Post the EE build you are using. The build number can be found in the footer of the Control Panel pages.


There also exists a user maintained ExpressionEngine wiki with articles, how-tos, technical information, and other items related to ExpressionEngine.

If you are looking for professional help in developing your online project, we recommend using the Professionals Network.

If you prefer that professionals find you, place a help wanted ad on our Job Board.

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