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Cookie and Consent Management

ExpressionEngine Pro provides additional tools to improve management of cookies.

Displaying the list of cookies

{exp:consent:cookies type="necessary"}
    Cookie name: {cookie_name}<br />
    Title: {cookie_title}<br />
    Description: {cookie_description}<br />
    Is set by: {cookie_provider}<br />
    Lifetime: {cookie_lifetime}<hr />




Type of cookies to display. Possible options are necessary, functionality, performance and targeting. If omited, all cookies will be displayed.



Cookie name


Cookie title


Cookie description


Cookie provider (ee or add-on short name)


Cookie lifetime in seconds. 0 represents session cookies (killed after browsing session ends).

Setting cookies lifetime

Control Panel Location: Settings > Cookie Settings

In the Cookie Settings all cookies set by your ExpressionEngine installation are listed. It is possible to set your own cookie title, description and lifetime in seconds.

pro cookie settings

Export Consent Audit Log

Control Panel Location: Tools > Logs > Consent

ExpressionEngine Pro adds “export” button ( pro consent export icon) in the top right of Consent Audit Log in CP which allows users to download the CSV file with log records based on filters applied.