ExpressionEngine Docs

Updating Via The Command Line

You can also update ExpressionEngine via the command line on your server. This allows you to keep your installation’s files only writable by your user and not also by your web service.

To update via the command line, execute the tool located at system/ee/eecms:

php system/ee/eecms upgrade

If you give executable permissions to the eecms file (chmod +x eecms), you can also execute it directly:

system/ee/eecms upgrade

Or if executing from the ee directory:

./eecms upgrade

Add a -v flag for verbose output:

./eecms upgrade -v

If you encounter a problem that requires rolling back the upgrade, you can run this command:

./eecms upgrade --rollback

If you cannot use the one-click updater or command-line updater, you can still do a manual update.

Note: If you have code in your config.php that relies on $_SERVER variables or anything else not available in a command-line environment, you can check for REQ == 'CLI' to set alternate values, e.g.:

if (REQ == 'CLI')
  $config['site_url'] = '';
  // ...
  // Set config via environment variables