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ExpressionEngine Channel Entries API

Calling the Class

The Channel Entries class is called with the api->instantiate() function:


Note: The API uses a Singleton pattern and does not currently support nesting of calls. Thus instantiating a new call while in the middle of a request may have unanticipated results.

Function Reference

class Api_channel_entries

save_entry($data[, $channel_id = NULL[, $entry_id = 0[, $autosave = FALSE]]])

Saves a new or existing channel entry.

Parameter Type Description
$data Array Entry data to submit
$channel_id Int The channel ID for the new entry
$entry_id Int The entry ID to update
$autosave Boolean Whether the entry is being autosaved or not
Returns Boolean Whether the new entry was successfully created or updated

The data array must contain a title and data for all required fields. If the entry date or edit date are not included in the data array, current time will be used instead.:

ee()->api_channel_entries->save_entry($data, $channel_id, $entry_id, $autosave);

Example Usage:


$data = array(
    'title'         => 'Breaking News Story!',
    'entry_date'    => '1256953732',
    'edit_date'     => '1351653729',
    'field_id_6'    => 'Some data',
    'field_ft_6'    => 'none',
    'field_id_19'   => 'More data',
    'field_ft_19'   => 'xhtml'

ee()->api_channel_fields->setup_entry_settings($channel_id, $data);

$success = ee()->api_channel_entries->save_entry($data, $channel_id);

if ( ! $success)
    show_error(implode('<br />', $this->api_channel_entries->errors));

See also Api_channel_fields::setup_entry_settings in the Channel Fields API.

Note: As part of the data normalization, custom data with a value of NULL is transformed to an empty string before database insertion.

Note: Successful submission requires a valid session exist for a user with the necessary posting privileges.


This function will delete one or more entries as well as some of their related data. The data array must contain an entry id, or an array of entry ids.

Parameter Type Description
$entry_ids Mixed Integer or array of integers containing entry_ids to delete
Returns Boolean Whether an entry was successfully deleted
ee()->api_channel_entries->delete_entry((mixed) $entry_ids);


This function checks if an entry with a given id exists.

Parameter Type Description
$entry_id Int Entry ID to be verified
Returns Boolean Whether an entry exists
ee()->api_channel_entries->entry_exists((int) $entry_id);


This function updates the relationship cache table. You should only need to use this function if you are manually changing relationship data, submit_new_entry() and update_entry() will automatically recompile relationship data:

ee()->api_channel_entries->update_related_cache((int) $entry_id);

submit_new_entry($channel_id, $data[, $autosave = FALSE])

Deprecated since version 2.6: Use Api_channel_entries::save_entry instead.

update_entry($entry_id, $data[, $autosave = FALSE])

Deprecated since version 2.6: Use Api_channel_entries::save_entry instead.

send_pings($ping_servers, $channel_id, $entry_id[, $send_now = TRUE])

Deprecated since version 2.7.