ExpressionEngine® User Guide

Mass Notification Export

Control Panel Location: Developer Tools ‣ Utilities ‣ Mass Notification Export

The Mass Notification Export utility enables you to export a CSV file of the ID, screen name, username, and email address for all your Members. This action will be logged to the Control Panel Access Logs.

This can be used to notify users in the unfortunate event of a data breach, such as is required by the GDPR (external link). We recommend to validating the email addresses before sending any mass notification emails, otherwise your server could end up blacklisted. Any of the following services will validate email addresses:

Permission Restrictions

  • Access Tools sections: Utilities
  • Access settings: Members


Validate email addresses?

When enabled each email address will be checked to ensure it matches the syntax specified in RFC 822. Additionally the domain will be checked to ensure it exists. This will produce two CSV files, one for all the valid addresses, and another for the invalid addresses.