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Site Manager

Control Panel Location: Developer > Site Manager

Manage multiple Sites from a single installation

One Installation, Multiple Websites

The Site Manager empowers you to create and manage multiple “websites” (Sites) from a single ExpressionEngine installation. These Sites can use your existing domain, sub-domains, a brand new domain, or a combination of the above. Each Site is has its own set of preferences, templates, and channels. This lets you leverage a single ExpressionEngine installation across multiple internet properties.

From School House to University

Think of the Multiple Site Manager as converting a one-building school house into a University campus. The student body (Member database) is campus wide but every department (Site) has its own building (templates), its own way of doing things (preferences), unique curriculum (channels), student lounge (Site specific forums, requires Discussion Forums 2.0+), and rules about what students can do (Member Group permissions are Site specific). Any department on Campus can take advantage of the schools resources (Modules, Plugins, Extensions).

That’s not a perfect analogy but it conveys the scope of what the Multiple Site Manager enables you to do from a single ExpressionEngine installation.

Key Features


Create/Edit Sites

Control Panel Location: Developer > Site Manager > New/Edit

This allows you to create or edit a new Site.