ExpressionEngine® User Guide

ExpressionEngine v5 Change Log

Version 5.0.2

Release Date: December 13, 2018

  • Optimized the member delete routine’s heir assignments.
  • Fixed a bug where a PHP error may appear when the CP homepage newsfeed cannot be fetched.
  • Fixed a bug where extension hooks may run during a one-click upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug where a supplied class was not added to “select” fields in the shared form view.
  • Fixed a potential malformed query issue in the relationships_query hook.
  • Fixed a potential PHP error (#21) when saving option-type Grid columns.
  • Fixed a bug (#20) where the installer checks if the user theme directory is writable even when not installing the default theme.
  • Fixed a bug (#13) where {if fluid_field} conditionals would not work as expected.
  • Fixed a bug (#14) where entries would fail to save when a Toggle field was hidden and MySQL was in strict mode.
  • Fixed a bug (#22) where the JavaScript-based URL title generation did not match the PHP version.
  • Fixed a bug (#37) where Channel settings could not be saved if the default Channel Form author didn’t exist.
  • Fixed a bug (#36) where deleting multiple statuses would not reset the confirmation modal button state.
  • Fixed a bug (#29) where curly-braced quantifiers could not be used in regular expression conditionals.
  • Fixed a bug (#41) where text formatting buttons would not appear in Channel Form.
  • Fixed a bug (#42) where the rte_toolset_id= parameter in Channel Form wouldn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug (#31) where the Model service could not eager-load third-party inverse relationships.

Version 5.0.1

Release Date: November 18, 2018

  • Fixed a bug where non-repo downloads could not install or update via admin.php.

Version 5.0.0

Release Date: November 16, 2018

  • Free Open-Source Software! 👐🤝🤗
    • Licensing 👩‍⚖️📜
    • Application Changes 🛠
      • ExpressionEngine now requires PHP 5.6+.
      • The ExpressionEngine news feed on the control panel homepage is now opt-in.
      • Sharing of diagnostic and usage data to is now opt-in.
      • Removed license checks and restrictions from the Site Manager. You can haz All The Sites!
      • Removed the license page from the control panel.
      • Removed license validation.
      • Removed “Core” version feature restrictions.
  • Bug Fixes 💃🐛
    • Fixed a rendering bug and potential XSS issue.
    • Fixed a bug where in rare circumstances, a relationship tag was left unparsed.
    • Fixed a bug where a Channel entries tag with a categories parameter could generate errors when the tag returned no entries.
  • Developers 💻
    • Development is now taking place in public on GitHub. Get involved!
    • Removed unused Javascript plugins: